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I'm writing this on the last day of April. Sheesh, it's been a wait for the forsythia to bloom and the crocuses to push their little heads up. I finally opened up my screen porch--love, love, love writing out there! This self-publishing thing is a blast. Not trying to fit in that round hole is very freeing and energizing and scary and fun. One thing is certain, it's all me and I love that! I'm about to enter the formatting phase of my first self-publication. Yikes, that's where the scary comes in. I hope I remember to breathe.

Below is my cover for my novella. Don't you love it? The artist is Jo from Glass Slipper WebDesign. Such talent! I'm lucky to have found her. Check out her cover art at

Check back soon and I'll let you know how the formatting is going.


coming soonthe ghosts of gloaming

by Patricia Otto

With his marriage to Maggie Connor, William McLaren, the Laird of Gloaming Castle, erases a war debt between their families. But he never expected his new wife to be such a spirited curious lass. A woman as unconstrained as her red curls, who forces his quiet secretive existence out of the shadows and makes him wonder if he has neglected his life, and his castle, for too long.

No one asked Maggie if she wanted to be the Lady of the place everyone calls Gloomy Castle or be married to its prickly enigmatic laird. But in this world, a woman's life is not shaped by fairness and her power is nonexistent. Now, she is determined to forge the best life for herself in a strange realm and establish an accord with her indecipherable husband all while helping the last Lady of Gloaming find peace...even if that Lady is a ghost.


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