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A lot has happened in the last year and a half. My daughter was married last September in a wonderful celebration. So much joy and happiness. It definitely was on par with my son's wedding. One thing I didn't realize (but should have--I guess) is how much time it takes to be the mother-of-the-bride!! I'm not complaining in the least, however fifteen months seemed to disappear in a snap of my fingers. Time has always seemed to go by swiftly for me, but helping to plan a wedding sent my life into warp speed!

In writing news, I'm excited to be joining over a dozen other authors in a web site called Cafe Otherworld. It is a gathering place for paranormal and urban fantasy readers. There will be links to all of our books, our websites and we will be blogging. The site is still in development so stay tuned.

I'm getting ready for the New England Conference the first weekend in May. I will again be rooming with the very talented Angelique Armae. I am so excited to spend time with my friend--it has been way too long!

worlds apart
by Patricia Otto


patricia otto


Putting her divorce in her rearview and her kids in the minivan, Maddie Pearce heads home to Salem, Mass., in search of a new life. That new life is not supposed to include finding a portal to the past hidden in the closet of her aunt's house—a past that has magic, sorcerers and a possible way to heal her special needs son. And she certainly isn't expecting the brooding, handsome lord whose bedroom lies on the other side of the portal and who seems determined to keep her in her own world.

The last thing Morgan of Pencastle wants to see is another witch oblivious to her powers stepping through the portal wall. Then the beautiful, sexy Maddie steps into his world. And keeps coming back.

Maddie needs Morgan's help, and together they try to build a bridge between the worlds. If only fate isn't so determined to keep them worlds apart...

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