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patricia otto's A Fairy Unusual Christmas

by Patricia Otto
Release date: November 30, 2020

A fairy prince with a merry goal and a deadline. And a woman who could help him if he can make her believe in Christmas miracles.

Fairy John Evergreen, the crown prince of the world of Christmas gnomes and fairies, has a huge problem. If he doesn’t find the one, the mortal one, before Christmas Eve becomes Christmas Day, he’ll never wear the crown. His evil sister Stephanie will. And she wants it. Bad. He hasn’t found the one. Not even close. Then he literally runs into the most beautiful woman ever.

Lauren Goodnews runs Family House, where families stay when they have a child in the hospital. Christmas is a painful time for these families. For Lauren, too. Being left at the altar on Christmas Eve four years ago will do that to a girl. Keeping busy helps, and it’s a great excuse not to date. Then the handsomest man ever literally runs her over, and Lauren finds herself reevaluating that life strategy.

Stephanie wants the crown, and she’ll use every bit of magic to get it. John wants Lauren, and if he can keep the gnomes and fairies his father sent to help from messing up things, he may have a shot at love. And Lauren? Between her deepening attraction for John and the enchantment of the season, Lauren just might be ready to try a fairy tale ending.

Read an excerpt here.

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